The Nutcracker Story

After last year success Russian State Ballet and Opera House is back to perform The Nutcracker.

“The Nutcracker” Ballet created by one of the most famous Russian composers Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was shown for the first time on 18 December 1892 at the Mariinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg. It was performed along with Tchaikovsky’s Opera, Iolanta.

More than 120 years passed, and this performance is still an integral part of any Christmas celebration, along with Christmas tree and presents.

The wonderful Christmas story is based on “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” written by E.T.A. Hoffmann. It tells the story of Marie, a rather sad little girl, whose godfather Drosselmeyer gives her a Nutcracker doll as a present on Christmas Eve which turns into a Prince, and the magic starts…

We have decided to tell you the story of Nutcracker in our own words. Many people know the story of the Nutcracker as a fairy tale and not as a Ballet. If you would like to read the history of Nutcracker Ballet.

Please get comfortable for the wonderful journey to the Magical World of sugar plum fairies and the Kingdom of Sweets.

It’s Christmas Eve in the Siberhaus home and family and friends have gathered in the sitting room to decorate the beautiful Christmas tree. All the children gather together to light up the Christmas tree. The Children absolutely love the candles and decorations. They are seen to admire the tree.

As the party begins children are given presents and every one is having a good time dancing and talking. As the clock strikes eight a person enters the room wearing a black smock. After a few seconds we realise it’s Drosselmeyer, a local magician and Marie and Fritz godfather. Drosselmeyer gives handmade presents to the children. The four dolls that Drosselmeyer made himself dance around for the guests and everyone is amazed.

Drosselmeyer puts the dolls away and gets out a wooden nutcracker carved out as a little man. The Nutcracker is used for cracking hazelnuts so other children don’t take any notice of the doll apart from Marie. She admires the Nutcracker and plays with him. Her annoying little brother breaks the Nutcracker on purpose. As you can imagine Marie is very upset and sad that such a unique doll is broken.

Soon the party comes to an end and all the guest are leaving. During the night, after everyone has gone to bed Marie returns to the sitting room to see where the Nutcracker is. As she bends down to see the Nutcracker, the clock strikes midnight and she sees her godfather, Drosselmeyer. All of the sudden mice begin to fill the room and the Christmas tree becomes gigantic.

The Nutcracker also grows to a full size. Marie sees her precious nutcracker in the form of a live person at the head of a company of soldiers. They soon start to fight against a horde of mice lead by mouse King. It is only thanks to Marie’s assistance that the Nutcracker finally wins. She throws a slipper at the King of mice giving the Nutcracker a chance to kill the King. The Nutcracker invites Marie to accompany him to the Kingdom of Sweets.

The mice retreat and the Nutcracker is transformed into a handsome Prince. He leads Marie through beautiful snowflakes, which dance around them. A snow king and snow queen rule over the snow flakes. Surrounded by icicles, crystals and snowflakes, they perform a ‘pas de deux’ in honour of Marie and the Nutcracker and wish them a good journey.

When the Prince and Marie reach the Realm of Sweets, the sugar-plum fairy is summoned and organises a welcome celebration in honour of Marie, featuring a series of character dances.

The first group, “Chocolate“, is a Spanish dance, where the second group, “Coffee“, takes the form of an Arabian dance. This is followed by “Tea“, performed by Chinese dancers. Next, there is a fiery Cossack dance, followed by the “Cane Flutes“. The grand pas de deux, danced by the sugar-plum fairy and the prince, is preceded by The “Waltz of the Flowers“.

A final waltz is performed by all the sweets, after which Clara and the Prince are crowned rulers of The Land of Sweets.

Soon, however, the people of the land of the sweets begin to disappear one by one, until the Nutcracker Prince himself disappears.

Marie suddenly wakes up and realises that it was all just a dream. In the room around her, everything has returned to normal and the Nutcracker remains under the Christmas tree. But, this wonderful dream and this very special Christmas Marie will remember forever.

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