Swan Lake Story

After last year’s success, The Russian State Ballet and Opera House is back to perform Swan Lake, the most famous Ballets of all times, suitable for the whole family.

There will be no surprise to any that this production will be of the most delicate, intimate and powerful kind. This Company is known for its attention to details and, more particularly, for its dramatisation in dance of the tragedy and beauty that this Ballet is known for.

Full of mystery and romance, this Ballet has captured the imagination of many generations over the years, and continues to attract audiences worldwide and inspire both young and old.

We have decided to tell you the story of Swan Lake in our own words. Many people say that they do not ‘understand’ Ballet but most people do not know the story of the particular Ballet before they enter the auditorium. If you would like to read the synopsis of the Swan Lake Ballet otherwise stay with us for the simple story of Swan Lake.

The legendary composer Tchaikovsky wrote the music for Swan Lake around 1875-1876. Most of his original work about the Swan Lake story has not survived so we can only assume that the story came from the Russian folktale.The very first production of Swan Lake was performed on 4 March 1877. Unfortunately, the premier was not well received. Despite the criticism the ballet continued to be performed. A few years later Petipa decided to modify the choreography of Swan Lake and since then many other choreographers infused their own thoughts into the ballet.  Slowly, Swan Lake became the world’s favorite ballet.

The Ballet starts with Prince Siegfried’s birthday in his castle. As in most parties the guests are having a lovely time dancing. Siegfried’s mother reminds the Prince that there will be a ball tomorrow where he must choose a bride for himself.  Of course, the Prince is not very happy about the whole situation as he is not in love with anyone and doesn’t even have a girlfriend. To take his mind of things he goes hunting.  In the forest he notices swans flying in the sky. At the lake the Prince sees the beautiful white swans swimming near the shore of the lake.  The swans are cursed by an evil spell and only power of selfless love can break this evil spell.

Prince Siegfried notices the beautiful Swan (Odette) and is dazzled by her beauty. Later, she reviles to him that the only everlasting love can break her spell. Siegfried promises to love Odette forever.

The next day the ball takes place in the queen’s castle. Prince is nowhere to be seen. When he eventually arrives he is presented with the young girls from whom he is to make a choice to be his bride. He dances with them only to satisfy his mother but his thoughts are all about Odette.

Suddenly an unknown knight arrives (disguised as the evil curse) and his beautiful daughter Odile.  The Prince is confused, as Odile looks very much like Odette. Odile fascinates Siegfried and his doubts disappear. The father of Odile (evil curse) requests the Prince to prove the love for his daughter by swearing to love her eternally. As soon as he does that he sees a white swan in the window.

*Editor note – Odette has told the Price when they met that she can only become a human again if a man falls in love with her and chooses to be with her forever. The Prince to me is quite foolish not to question this when he sees Odile. *

Prince Siegfried realizes that he became a victim of the evil curse. In despair, he rushes to the lake to see Odette. The Prince appears at the lake and begs Odette’s forgiveness. He assures her of his strong and lasting feeling of her.

Suddenly Rothbart appears in a fury and recognises that the two of them realised what is going on. Siegfriend invites Rothbart to fight him and he wins. The evil spell is broken straightaway and all the swans are changed into young beautiful girls.

LOVE wins over EVIL.

Swan Lake has become one of the most loved of all Ballets.

Join us for an unforgettable journey in the run-up to Christmas and be part of the magic as it unfolds.Do not delay in purchasing your ticket for the greatest Ballet, Swan Lake.