Our 1st blog post

We have decided that now is the time to start writing a blog. We have a lot of new tours coming up and we would like you, readers, and fans to know a bit more about us and what we do. Facebook and Twitter is a great way to stay in touch but blog gives you that extra information that you may be looking for. I won’t go into detail about Amande Concerts as all the information is already on the website but instead I will provide details about our upcoming up tours and while we are touring you will know what goes on behind the scenes and much more.

It is now start of August and most people in England feel that they have been ‘robbed’ of summer. However, I have heard a rumour that September is going to be hot so let’s be optimistic and hope it will be. Before it does get hot, in the office this month we will be busy talking to national and regional newspapers about Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.

A few months before the tour starts it’s always fascinating time. We try to do as much as you possible to inform people about the show in the lead up to the premiere. On average we have 40 venues, imagine talking to 10 or more newspapers in each venue! With a lot of organisation and good technology it is actually very rewarding when we see our show featured in the newspapers with a beautiful photo of the ballet.

#SwanLake 2012 tour.

Yours Sincerely,

Julia x