Russian State Ballet and Opera House

Dear Guest,

The Russian State Ballet and Opera House was founded to represent quality and passion for ballet and opera at the very highest level. Over the last 13 years we have been working with various artists from Russia and decided to incorporate only the best, all under one roof – The Russian State Ballet and Opera House.

Unlike many other companies that travel to Europe with ballet and opera productions, we only focus on working with established theatres in the Russian Federation. These theatres have many years of experience and most importantly, they have an established spine of directors and leaders who have gone through the best artistic institutions in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

When you see our logo you can be certain about the quality of the production. We aim to bring a different artist to the UK every year, which means that although you may have seen Swan Lake one year, next time the set, costumes, artists and choreography will be different. It will feel like a different show, still with the same high level of quality.