This year Amande Concerts is celebrating the 10th anniversary of providing you, the UK audience, with Russian classical art performances which started out with Russian Cossacks and has since developed into a strong brand of Russian State Ballet and Opera House.

Over the last 10 years, we have brought you over 22 tours by various Russian artists ranging from folk-lore to ballet and opera. Over the same period, we have performed for you on more than 850 occasions, covering over 100 different regional theatres in the UK. Most importantly more than 350,000 people have come to see our shows. This is an incredible figure in our eyes, given that we started from scratch only 10 years ago. We are grateful to you, our loyal and appreciative audiences.  So on this note we would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all our guests who have come over the years and who will be coming and enjoying our performances in the years to come!


So how did it all start 10 years ago? Amande Concerts is a family-run business which has been working for a long time with long-established theatres in Russia. Over the years we focussed on delivering the highest quality Russian ballet and opera productions to British and European audiences. As we grow, we continue to maintain close personal relationships with artists and the UK theatres.

This approach ensures that we do not lose contact with the artists, the venues and most importantly you, the audience. We love doing what we do. Very often I describe our work as a win-win situation for all the parties involved and we are very proud to be part of this relationship. I always feel inspired when I see the number of people filling the auditoriums around the country. Every year new members of the public experience our performances for the first time and they get hooked on this world which we call Opera and Ballet. My wife and I, we both run our production office. We are in our 30s, and understand the importance of bringing the younger audience closer to the classical world. So we have made it our mission to ensure that every year we get more young people coming through the theatre doors.

In various interviews over the years I have always said that part of the enjoyment is in presenting these incredible shows not only in London and other major cities, but to regional audiences around the country. Not everyone has the ability or resources to travel to bigger theatres and experience live opera or ballet, so we try to solve this by coming directly to you. From 2012 we have been successfully bringing opera and ballet productions with a live orchestra to theatres which have not experienced live music for many years on that scale before. It has been a great challenge; however, over the last couple of years we have noticed that it is now the norm for these audiences to listen to live orchestras and I am sure none of you would like to have it any other way.

The Russian State Ballet and Opera House was created to present ballet and opera with the highest quality and passion. Our logo symbolises high quality productions and we hope you will be part (if not already) of our growing family!

Chief Executive

Alexej Ignatow




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